Point of Departure   created by Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative      directed by Jonathan David Martin
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Point of Departure follows a series of extreme characters through the absurd landscape of a post 9/11 airport terminal. Hidden baggage fees and security pat-downs merely scratch the surface of the obstacles each passenger must overcome, in order to finally depart to their chosen destination.

This highly physical, multimedia production mines the dark humor of today's airport experience. Point of Departure peeks into the wonder of taking flight, as the audience is taken on a joyride of modern dance, stimulating projections, and breath-taking aerial feats.

     at the Theater for the New City in New York City starring Johnson Chong, Zoey Martinson, MacKenzie Meehan, Adam McNulty and Court Wing

     Lighting & Projection Design: Gertjan Houben Set Design: David Meyer Costume Design: Tilly Grimes Choreography: Zoey Martinson

Photo © Gertjan Houben