The Basement   by Harold Pinter      Directed by Nikhil Mehta                                                    more info
Two men, (Tim) Law and (Charles) Stott, compete for possession of and dominance over a "basement flat" and their at-times mutual girlfriend, Jane. During the course of the play, they reverse roles with relation to each other, to the ownership or possession of the flat, and to their relationship with or possession of Jane. The changing furnishings of the room reflect their changing roles and who is in power over whom at various points in time. At first Jane appears to be submissive in relation to the men; but as the action develops, at times she appears to dominate each man and both of them.

     The Shapiro Theater at Columbia University

     Lighting Design: Gertjan Houben Set Design: Nikhil Mehta

Photo © Gertjan Houben